June 26 will be a day we all celebrate for  years to come. On the anniversary of the Lawrence v. Texas case, which struck  down state anti-sodomy laws as unconstitutional, the Supreme Court of the United  States ruled to strike down Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act and  California’s Proposition 8 was […]
  • PhillyGayLawyer, Angela D. Giampolo interviewed by Philadelphia Business Journal on DOMA Decisions
    Angela Giampolo will always remember where she was on June 26, 2013. That’s when she, and the rest of the country, first heard that the Defense of Marriage Act was repealed by the U.S. Supreme Court. […]
  • Pre-DOMA and Prop8 Analysis on SCOTUS ruling
    All eyes are on the Supreme Court again this week as it nears time to rule on Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8. And the Supreme Court Justices are certainly taking their time; the cases prompting these decisions were already examined in early April, but they deferred […]
  • Principal Angela D. Giampolo, PhillyGayLawyer, Named Member of the Month for Pyramid Club
    Since its rise in 1993, the Club has served as the center point of Philadelphia’s business, social, cultural, academic and political sectors. This month they have named PhillyGayLawyer, Angela D. Giampolo as Member of the Month. As an LGBT Legal Expert, Entrepreneur, Activist, and AuthorAngela D. Giampolo is one of the Philadelphia region’s most accomplished […]
  • PA cities make effort to improve HRC ranking
    In the wake of the Human Rights Campaign’s first Municipal Equality Index, numerous cities, most notably Philadelphia, have been praised as “gay-friendly,” while others have been exposed as particularly unaccommodating or discriminatory towards the LGBT community. While Philadelphia scored the second-highest out of all cities, New Hope and Harrisburg receive […]
  • 40 Under 40 | Angela Giampolo: Giampolo Law Group | Founder
    Age: 32. Education: La Salle University, Temple University Law School, Tsinghua University Law School, certificate of law in Chinese law (2008). Career history: Governor’s Office of General Counsel, Department of State, United Nations’ International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (2007). Family: Partner is Dileimys Franco and children … I’m enough for Dileimys […]
  • Angela D. Giampolo on That’s the Truth Show with Terry Whitaker
    Terry Whitaker talks with Angela Giampolo, also known as Philly Gay Lawyer, about how she manages practicing law while also practicing being authentic.   […]
  • Becoming Interview: Angela Giampolo – Passionate about Law and LGBT Advocacy
    This week Angela Giampolo is in the hot seat!  My partner Jon and I got to know Angela while she helped us with LGBT financial and estate planning.  She is an attorney, author, avid entrepreneur, and advocate for the LGBT community. Tell us about a cool project you are currently working on. I am actually […]
  • Supreme Court hears Prop. 8, DOMA Arguments
                    The Supreme Court of the United States held hearings March 26 and 27 on the  constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8 and Section 3 of the federal  Defense of Marriage Act. The proceedings yielded few surprises and few  definitive outcomes. The repeal of Section 3 of DOMA would […]
  • Angela D. Giampolo on Sirius XM POTUS Channel: Prop 8 & PA Municipality Discrimination


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